Who We Are
CORE Academy is a learning center of professional educators that provide tutoring services for K – 12th grade students in Irvine and surrounding areas. We tailor fit our services to suit your academic needs. Our programs are designed to build a strong educational foundation. We empower your child to prepare, advance and excel in school to achieve success! We offer tutoring in all subjects, including AP/ SAT/ACT for high school aged students, and bring elementary and middle school aged students up to their academic level.

Our Philosophy
Every student possesses the potential for greatness. We present an organic and positive approach to learning in a welcoming environment that enables students to meet their academic goals through effective teaching methods, use of proper tools, self-empowerment and confidence building. We believe students need to learn at their own pace to achieve success.

Our Approach
CORE Academy is not a cookie-cutter system of endless drills. First, we assess a student by administering a diagnostic test. From there, we consult with the parent and teacher to create an individual learning profile that is developmentally appropriate and aligned to the student’s academic needs. Our tutors are college graduates and have an in- depth understanding of their subjects. Our tutors act as mentors, helping students realize their true potential with sound support, advice and encouragement.